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AL10 Line Array Systems

Line-Array speaker systems have become the professional audio standard for delivering greater intelligibility, better fidelity and higher efficiency to reach larger audiences in various acoustical settings. The basic principle is that speaker enclosures are arrayed vertically, rather than horizontally, as was previously commonplace. This vertical alignment of components results in better projection and pattern control with less lobing (aural dead spots).

AL10 Line Array Systems by A-Line Acoustics offer an excellent choice for club, concert, church and installation venues where powerful performance, compact size and quick and easy setup are desired.

The 2x10" AL10 enclosure features Line Source Replication for maximum projection and detail and include dual 4 pin or optional 8 pin Speakon connectors.

Boxes may be stacked up to four high on a specially designed wheel board (WB10/8) for easy transport. Optional integrated stabilizers allow the speaker system to be arrayed six high and operated on the board from the ground when flying is not possible. Four stacked wheel boards (4 high up to 16 boxes) can be loaded inside the width of a standard trailer and take up about three feet in length.

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AL10A Powered & Hybrid-Active Systems

A-Line Acoustics now offers powered and hybrid-active line array systems with the introduction of the AL10A powered version of the AL10 line array enclosure and the AL10X unpowered slave enclosure. Now sound reinforcement professionals can choose from two powered system options. All powered for highest output and efficiency or cost-saving hybrid-active for superb audio with slightly less system output (3-5dB). AL10A cabinets are powered with proven Bang & Olufsen ICEpower™ amplifiers with two factory supplied onboard DSP programs for superior performance and reliability. Enclosures feature A-Line's exclusive integrated patent pending EZAL™ rigging for faster, safer and easier set up. With EZAL, boxes can be individually aimed up to 5° under load, while flown or stacked, by just one or two people. Available in both 90° and 150° wide dispersion models for optimum venue coverage.
AL10W 150° Wide Line Array

A-Line Acoustics has added the AL10W to the AL10 line-array system. The AL10W disperses 150°, versus the AL10's 90°, for greater horizontal coverage. Each AL10 enclosure (800W program) features 2x10" drivers, 1 x 1.4" HF driver/horn Line Source Replicator (LSR) for maximum projection and detail. Cabinets include A-Line's exclusive integrated EZAL™ system, which allows easy box setup, and positioning while stacked or flying as well as dual 4 pin and 8 pin Speakon connectors.

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